About Us

Our Values


We believe in unconditional love and non-judgmental acceptance of all people. We provide encouragement, support and understanding. We are committed to helping people choose a life free of abuse and violence.


We believe everyone has a right to live in a safe environment. We continually strive to provide this for our clients, volunteers, and employees.


We believe that knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse and violence enables people to respond with compassion and empathy. By promoting awareness and positive relationships we will help improve the lives of the people we serve.


We hold each person’s story in trust and share only when appropriate and with permission as per federal and provincial laws (“PIPPA”). All information about our clients are held in the strictest confidence.


We believe that by providing our clients with a safe and supportive environment they will find hope and positive solutions to their situation.


We are prudent stewards of all the resources we receive.

Our Board of Directors

If you are interested in volunteering for our board of directors, please contact our Office Administrator for further details.


Angelina Stiglich


Mary Moravec

Director, Fundraising

Diane McConnell

Director, Volunteer Coordinator

Elaine Moonen

Past President

Robert Tanaka

Vice President

Debra Padron

Director, Eva’s House

Jim Fish

Director, Thrift Store

Maureen Carter

Director, Volunteer Coordinator

Suzanne Latta

Spiritual Director

Fr. Augustine Obiwumma


Susan Schembri

Director, Education & Help Line

Maureen Fadum

CWL Liaison

Maria Magnusson

Director, Eva's House / Knights of Columbus Liaison

Ian McDonald


Lives are impacted. Here is what people have said …

Attending the workshop, I feel more comfortable dealing with my life and my child. It helped me build my self-esteem and helped me set some future goals.
~ Ann
“During my stay at Eva’s House I felt safer and more confident knowing that I am able to support myself and my child in a better (emotional) way. Thank you for making me feel secure and comfortable due to which now I have a better focus on life.”
~ MK
“Thanks to all the board and staff of Our Lady of Good Counsel Society and the diocese of the Catholic Church here in Vancouver. It was a great blessing to come to such a home, equipped with generous food supplies, household products and fully furnished.”
~ Jennifer

Our Programs


Local 604.640.7549
Toll Free 1.888.833.7733

Open 10 am to 10 pm. Everyday.

Our Help Line operators will provide confidential emotional support, referrals to community resources and can assist with creating a safety plan. The Help Line is open to all victims of domestic abuse. 

The Help Line team is made up of volunteers who have received comprehensive training to provide quality and confidential service.

If you are in immediate danger call 911.

Eva's House

Eva’s House is a confidentially located second-stage transition home which provides safe-haven to women and children and a caring environment where they can regain their self-esteem and rebuild their lives after fleeing domestic abuse.

Applications for Eva’s House are available to women in first-stage shelters when space is available. Please contact your shelter’s resource worker.

The Society offers a subsidy program to help make counselling/therapy more affordable to our clients. The Moving Forward program provides funding to ensure clients can benefit from professional support to aid their healing, build their confidence and sustain their journey in every way possible.

Thrifter's Paradise


Located at
20562 56th Avenue, Langley

Open Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm

Questions?  Call us at 604.514.7001

A small store with a big HEART! Our thrift store is a bustling enterprise, packed with surprises and treasures at great bargain prices.

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