Attending the workshop, I feel more comfortable dealing with my life and my child. It helped me build my self-esteem and helped me set some future goals.

~ Ann

“My stay at Eva’s House was awesome. Everything I needed was provided for and much more than what I expected. I was broke when I moved there. My funds were so limited that I could not afford to buy household stuff. The household utensils/stuff that was provided for has helped a lot. All I had to do was focus on getting better emotionally and mentally, save and plan for my future. With God’s grace I was able to start-over and continue to be self-sufficient and improve myself more.”

~ A.M

“During my stay at Eva’s House I felt safer and more confident knowing that I am able to support myself and my child in a better (emotional) way.  Thank you for making me feel secure and comfortable due to which now I have a better focus on life.”

~ M.K.

“Thank you for your understanding. Eva’s House was my first opportunity at independent living with my three-year old son. I really appreciated the emotional support given, information and care provided to me and my son. I felt safe and supported during my stay at Eva’s House.”

~ J.L.

“Thanks to all the board and staff of Our Lady of Good Counsel Society and the diocese of the Catholic Church here in Vancouver. It was a great blessing to come to such a home, equipped with generous food supplies, household products and fully furnished.”

~ Jennifer