Eva’s House

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Eva’s House is the only Catholic second stage transition house in the lower mainland offering a safe haven to women and their children fleeing domestic violence. Eva’s House is a confidentially located safe house which provides a safe, caring environment where women can regain their self-esteem and rebuild their lives.

What does Eva’s House look like?

Eva’s House is like any other home. It is a six-suite apartment building that is comprised of 1 three-bedroom, 1 one-bedroom, and 4 two-bedroom suites. The apartments are all spacious with large bedrooms, a living room, and a private kitchen.  There is a large common laundry room, covered carport, and playground.  Our goal is to provide our guests with an at-home atmosphere.

Who comes to Eva’s House?

Violence in the home crosses all barriers of economics, religion, culture, and ethnicity. Typically a woman will enter a first stage emergency shelter before moving to Eva’s House. The emergency shelter will provide her a safe and secure location for 30 days and assist her through the immediate crisis.

After 30 days the woman must leave the emergency shelter and may move into a second stage facility such as Eva’s House where she can remain for up to six months, with the possibility of an extension if warranted. It is hoped that upon leaving Eva’s House, she will move to permanent housing. Finding permanent housing for the woman and her children may involve her renting a private apartment or moving into subsidized housing through BC Housing.

What kind of services does Eva’s House offer?

Women entering a domestic violence shelter have taken a courageous step to regain control over their lives and to ensure safety for themselves and their children. The focus in the shelter is on stabilizing their lives, helping them understand their options, and increasing their ability to achieve their goals. Eva’s House offers referrals to local community resources such as support groups, local food bank, a weekly check-in with the DAS Operations Coordinator, contact with the St. Vincent de Paul Society at local churches, and transitional support for women and their children so they are able to successfully transition to independent lives free of abuse and violence.

What happens to children when they move into Eva’s House? Do they have to change schools?

For children’s safety Eva’s House is well hedged and fenced to ensure privacy. There is a backyard where children can run around and play without fear.

Many children whose mothers have been abused have themselves suffered from the violence of their fathers. In this case, children who move into Eva’s House may have to change schools to remain safe from the abuser. Eva’s House has been well supported by the local School District to help keep the children safe. Their files are often restricted, and their new address kept confidential. This way, the abusive father will not be able to harm the children or their mother.

What do past clients say about Eva’s House?

Since opening its doors in September 2010, 29 adults and 37 children have been through Eva’s House. Here are some of their experiences.

“Thank you for your understanding. Eva’s House was my first opportunity at independent living with my three-year old son. I really appreciated the emotional support given, information and care provided to me and my son. I felt safe and supported during my stay at Eva’s House.”

“Thanks to all the board and staff of Our Lady of Good Counsel Society and the diocese of the Catholic Church here in Vancouver. It was a great blessing to come to such a home, equipped with generous food supplies, household products and fully furnished.”

First-stage transition houses and Outreach workers please contact 604-585-6688 for intake form.


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