Educational Workshops

78375939Three-Minute Talks are presented at weekend Masses to provide congregations with a greater awareness of the basic characteristics of abuse.

Deanery Talks allows new pastors to become aware of what DAS offers, educates priests on the signs of abuse, and provides materials for them to aid victims of domestic violence.

DAS Catholic High School Workshops educate Grade 10 students on the dynamics of healthy and harmful relationships, power and control, bullying and about self-respect and respect towards others.

RCAV Marriage Preparation Program: Since 2001 DAS has been an integral part of the RCAV Marriage Preparation Program addressing the topic of domestic violence / abuse, how to recognize it, and how to prevent it. The purpose is to help couples preparing for marriage to identify attitudes and patterns that may be present in their relationship before the marriage takes place. The presenters address strategies for ensuring a healthy relationship, the equality wheel, the power wheel, early danger signs of abuse, the cycle of violence, the Covenant the couple has with God and with each other and the importance of talking about their concerns and if need be, seeking help.

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