Our Christmas Legacy Giving shop is now OPEN!

We have opened a new SHOP filled with Christmas items that will make a world of difference to a family.

From November 1st until December 16th our Christmas Legacy Giving Shop is open and you can choose from a selection of meaningful Legacy gifts to help our Society in our initiative while providing a special gift for the ‘hard to buy for‘ family member or the ‘friend who has everything‘ this Christmas. Your gift will directly support the cause you choose and the named honoree will receive a Christmas card and token of appreciation from our Society on your behalf. It may be an opportunity to show your loved ones the true meaning of Christmas giving.

Why choose Christmas Legacy Giving?

This year has been a difficult journey with the pandemic changing our norm in every way imaginable. But for far too many individuals and families living with domestic abuse, this year would have been a difficult one regardless. Merging these two issues leaves a paramount fight for our Society as shelters are already at capacity, help lines are seeing an uptick in calls, as have reports of domestic violence to the Vancouver Police Department and world wide forces. Also concerning is the ease of isolation; an abuser’s ability is elevated to isolate their victims in their homes and place further restrictions on their family and friends to check-in or visit and without any notice from the community – because we are all in some sort of isolation at one point or the other due to COVID.

The need to assist survivors of domestic abuse is even greater than last year and the Society is at the ready. Our team is available on the Help Line every day to talk about options, prepare safety plans, and provide invaluable resources to help them fight. Our New Housing Committee is pressing forward to help finding additional shelter options to help relieve the strain on second-stage transitions homes so fewer women are turned away. And our Operations Manager, Board of Directors and Volunteer supporters are continually working to provide a safe and happy home at Eva’s House for the families that reside there, with all the provisions they require to live comfortably, heal, and move forward.

Please support our Christmas Legacy Giving program. Visit the SHOP and view our catalogue.

Peace, Joy, Love to All this Christmas.