Planned Giving

The purchase of Eva’s House, our second stage housing that supports up to 4 families at a time, was made possible by the thoughtfully planned generosity of Eva Li.  Eva was a telephone volunteer out of Holy Name Parish CWL council.  On her untimely death, we learned that she had made a substantial bequest to DAS in her will.  Her husband, after learning more about our mission and mandate, decided to match his late wife’s bequest and the Society’s dream of Eva’s House became a reality!

Perhaps you believe strongly in our values but are simply not able to support us with a financial contribution at this time. Why not create a gift now to go to DAS in the future?  Leaving a gift in your will, creating a trust or designating a beneficiary under your life insurance policy, RRSP or RRIF is what is known as “planned giving”.  Regardless of your circumstances, it allows you to support a cause you cherish, leave a legacy that reflects your values, and have a hand in making the world a better place!

There are many other benefits to planned giving:

  • FLEXIBLE – Gifts can be in any amount and are revokable if your situation changes. Planned giving can be anonymous, structured over time or deferred, and can involve a variety of assets, including stock, securities, and property as well as cash.  It can be a percentage of the residue of your estate or a specified amount for a specified purpose. For many donors, planned giving enables them to make a larger gift after death than their finances would allow them to do during their lifetime.
  • MEANINGFUL – You can make a lasting statement about your values, pay tribute to a loved one, or create your own legacy to give back and give thanks. Whatever your reason for giving, whatever and however you decide to give, know that your gift is a lasting testament to the Christian value of stewardship.
  • STRATEGIC – Making a charitable donation as part of your will can reduce the taxes owed by your estate. You can give money to DAS that would otherwise go to Revenue Canada! You can avoid probate fees by naming DAS as beneficiary under your life insurance, RRSP or RRIF. Including a bequest clause adds a few minutes to the conversation with your lawyer or notary and a few lines to your will or codicil but the difference you make can be long-lasting and life changing.

You too, can help dreams come true.  Consider a planned gift to DAS today.

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