Buy a Brick

Buy A Brick Campaign

The Pathway of Hope project was launched in 2003. Mercedes Coley, a then grade-4 student, created the actual drawing. Mercedes was inspired by listening to her grandmother talk about the work of Domestic Abuse Services – OLGCS and so undertook to complete this project. The idea was to create awareness and also raise funds.

The project is mainly promoted through the network of the Catholic Women’s League Councils, who positively accepted this challenge and have supported it ever since its inception. One council steadfastly purchases a brick for each one of their members who passes away.

After the brick is purchased, the name of the individual, family, council or deceased member is written on a Brick on the Pathway to Hope. This name is also recorded in a permanent book.

The pathway to the front of Eva’s House is completely filled with names of individuals who have purchased bricks and we have now begun a pathway from the house. A good portion of these bricks have been sold and named.
As of 2010 586 Bricks have been sold to individuals, families, CWL Councils, in memoriam bricks and as gifts. In excess of $14,000.00 has been raised through this project. Grateful thanks for your participation.

Bricks are sold for $25.00 for a single brick
or $100.00 for a family brick.

This wonderful campaign raised money toward the purchase of Eva’s House. We at DAS-OLGCS continue to ask you, our generous donors to buy “bricks”. We have at last filled the pathway to our house as well as started a pathway from our house.

The money raised will now be used to assist women in our care to re-build their lives, by building their self-esteem, improving their health, living their spirituality and gaining financial freedom.

  The “pathway to hope” is alive and well.

Please print out the following form and send it to the address below. We thank you for your contribution. Our house grows through your generosity.
# 201 – 14045 104th Avenue
Surrey, BC, V3T 1X4