Don’t Miss This Event!

It’s happening NOW! Only a few days left for our WALK TO KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

Join our other supporters who have been walking, challenging their community of friends to do better, and sharing their pics with us! A prize draw will be held on July 10th for participants to earn prizes.

If you’ve joined us in the past for this fun event, you will find things a bit different this time around.

Our fantasy walkathon will be held remotely with participants walking WHEREVER they choose in an effort to keep our supporters and volunteers as safe as possible by promoting social-distancing. After registering online and downloading your pledge forms, you can choose your favorite park or trail, in our own neighborhood or not, and with whomever you decide to keep close to. Join us for 2kms, 4kms, or 6kms walk, run, bike, or roll. Take selfies and send them to us so we can feel like we’re right there alongside you joining in the fun!

Prizes to be won by sending your pictures to

Click here for more details or call our office at 604.585.6688 Monday to Friday.