Spectacular VIEWThis world programs a false inner voice inside of us to shout louder than the true soft whispering voice of God – the true voice of Love.  This is reason I believe that we are so conflicted with all the choices we make and why we so very often make the wrong choice in so many things we do. We listen to the wrong voice which comes from our human programmed brain rather than from our hearts or our souls where God exists.

Our hearts or souls are the true reflection of what Christ meant when He said to His apostles in John 14:20 “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you”. This is an incredibly uplifting statement when the world’s message is – you are limited by your circumstances, the money you have, your intelligence, your education, your appearance, your weight, height, gender, race and on and on and on.  This is a lie that we carry with us throughout our lives!

Christ is telling us we are LIMITLESS, the day we realize that he exists in us and us in him. I am often terrified by this thought because the human voice in me carries the opposite message – that I am supremely limited; and unfortunately that is often what is reflected in my interactions with other people on a daily basis. This human inner voice has to be somehow reprogrammed to reflect what Christ is telling us.  When we reprogram our brains to reflect our hearts and souls which in turn are only about the pure love of God, only then can we exist in Love or in God who is Love.  I imagine that would be life transformative for us. We could push back ill health, depression, fear, anger and sadness in ourselves and in the people around us. Or at the very least, learn to cope with those things. What a life changing event or process that would be!

We are as we think.  We are what our subconscious mind tells us we are.  We act out our subconscious thoughts which can either reflect love, acceptance, compassion and caring around us or reflect fear, anger, abuse and hatred.  It would have to start with us looking inward which can be a fearful exercise in itself.  We can’t change what we don’t know exists about us. As Dr. Wayne Dyer states – a change of feelings is a change of thoughts is a change of destiny.

May you be aware of the Love of God accompanying you on your journey!


Indira Menezes

Indira Menezes is a volunteer with Domestic Abuse Services-OLGCS

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