Unfortunately, domestic abuse victims are at most risk while within their own homes. As a result of school and business closures during these ever-changing times, we anticipate a significant increase in domestic abuse over the next few weeks; possibly months. We have made several adjustments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to keep our volunteers, staff and clients safer. The following measures have been implemented:

  • Our HELP LINE will remain OPEN every day to provide victims with assistance during this especially difficult time. Our Help Line will also be extended to to provide further contact measures when a phone call is not safe.
  • Thrifters’ Paradise store is closed until further notice.
  • April 2020 Help Line training sessions are cancelled (please contact our office if you wish to register for our October 2020 sessions).
  • May 24th Founders High Tea postponed until further notice.
  • June 28th Walk to Keep the Dream Alive postponed until further notice.
  • As always, limited staff will be on site at Eva`s House to practice social distancing; however, staff will be available to the families for assistance at all times.

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