Be aware…

There has been lots of media attention lately regarding domestic abuse and its often hidden presence among us. Many victims, both men and women, will hide the abuse and cover for their partner. There are warning signs though and things to watch for! The victim is often afraid of their partner and “walks on egg shells” in their company. An outgoing person will become quieter and more differential when their partner is around. You may become aware of a lack of confidence or lower self-esteem. You may notice frequent injuries however the victim will often dress to hide bruises. This becomes more noticeable in the summer when most people are wearing short sleeves and lighter clothing. Limited access to money, restrictions on time and isolation are all warning signs. Be alert to changing personality and above all be there for your friend. Believe him or her when they open up to you! Don’t forget our helpline number 604.640. 7549!


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